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Our Centre


Our story

The Albany Community Legal Centre (ACLC) has been providing legal and advocacy services to the Great Southern community of Western Australia since 1995.  Our services are directed to those community members who would not otherwise be able to access legal and advocacy services either because they are ineligible for legal aid or because they cannot afford the services of a private lawyer.

We are an independent not for profit community organisation.  We provide legal information and advice, undertake negotiation, court representation and conduct community legal education sessions. We also engage in advocacy to address systemic justice issues within our community.  ACLC plays an important and pivotal role in the local community in breaking down barriers that prevent access to justice in the Great Southern region.

Our Vision

To work towards a more just and fair society through providing access to legal services and legal education to members of the community.

Our Mission

To provide a collaborative and responsive legal and educational service that assists and supports the socially and economically disadvantaged community members of the Great Southern region.

Our Values

To operate a Community Legal Centre that is safe, reliable, confidential and respectful of the rights of the individual, groups and organisations that form the social fabric of our community.


Our Staff


Brodie Lewis
Business Manager

Carol Duncan

Khalia Bastian

Denise Kay
Disability Advocate

Helen St Jack

Kaye Hansord

Julie English
Admin Officer  

Michael Montague  
Principal Solicitor  

Tenaya Wicks 
Admin Officer

Vanessa Hillerman  


Our Board

Angela Bristow-Baohm

Greg Mackay
Vice Chairperson

Bev Alexander

Craig Sinclair

Lyndsey Unwin

Levi Wheatcroft
Alison Carpenter