Prepare for your Will Drafting Appointment

There are a number of parts of a Will. Before your appointment, we ask that you complete a short questionnaire to help provide some basic information for your Will. Any queries you have can be discussed at your appointment.

Please read below and when you are ready to fill in the questionnaire click the button at the bottom of the page.

Your Executor/s

Executor/s carry out the instructions in a will after the person who wrote it has died. You can appoint more than one Executor, and you can appoint a substitute Executor if your first choice can't fulfil the role for some reason. 

The person(s) you appoint should be someone you trust, and should have agreed to be listed before you name them. Most Community Legal Centres are able to give advice to people about the duties of Executors, and you should tell the person you name as your Executor to get advice when the time comes for them to carry out their duties.

You will need to provide the full names (including middle name), home addresses, and current (or most recent) occupation of each executor.

Your Estate - Specific Gifts & Remaining Estate

You should make a list of all the things you own (your Estate). From this list, you can gift some items specifically to certain people, and the rest of your remaining estate (after all debts and bills are paid) will be left to people you select as your beneficiaries.

You will need to provide the full names of each beneficiary. You will also need to have made a decision as to what gifts and/or fraction of the remaining estate will go to each person.

Who are you leaving out?

If you have deliberately left someone out of your will who might normally expect to be in it, you should give a brief description as to why you have done so. It is your decision who will receive what in your will. However, the law allows certain persons to challenge your will if they think you have not made adequate provision for them.

If you have left someone out, you need to tell us the name of that person or those persons. We will discuss this further with you at your appointment.

Children under 18?

If you have children under eighteen, think about who you would like to be their guardian if you should die before they turn eighteen.

You will need to know the full name of each person you would like to appoint as guardian of your children. You also need to have spoken to those people before nominating them in your will.

Burial Arrangements

If you have clear wishes about your burial or cremation, we should include these in your will. 


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