Tenant Advocacy

Our Tenant Advocate provides a free service and can give information and support to anyone who lives in a private rental, public housing, community housing or park home.

We maintain an online reading room full of fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and a contact list of other useful services.


Need to know about

  • Residential Tenancy Databases (RTDs)
  • Making an application to rent a house
  • Property Condition Reports (PCRs)
  • Maintenance, repairs and rent reduction
  • Lessor or agent's right of entry
  • Negotiating changes in Rent
  • Department of Housing 3 strikes rules
  • Bond money - and getting it back
  • What to look for before signing a tenancy agreement

Want more information?


If you are a landlord seeking assistance, please contact Consumer Protection on 1300 30 40 54.

Corporate Tenants

If you are a corporate tenant seeking assistance, please contact the Small Business Development Corporation on 131 249.